For over a “century and a third”,
O.B. Williams Company has provided the best value available in quality woodworking products, services and customer satisfaction.

We continually improve our skills, capacities and procedures through investment in our employees, our facilities, technology and education.

By our continuing success we will not only benefit our customers, but our employees, suppliers and our company as well.

“Since 1889, O.B. Williams Company has survived 25 recessions, the great depression, the great recession, a worldwide flu pandemic, two world wars, three major earthquakes and a whole lot of other headaches. You don’t get to be a 130 year old company without learning some valuable lessons and gaining perspective as to what constitutes a “difficulty”.  Here at O.B. Williams Company, our focus is simple; earn the trust of our clients every day and then deliver products and services that exceed their expectations. Our legendary reputation has been over a century and a third in the making and we remember that every day.”

David Wick
President O.B. Williams Company

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Over 130 years, we've accumulated 10,000+ moulding profiles.

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