O.B. Williams Company offers a variety of installation solutions and our installers are highly skilled finish carpenters, experienced in all aspects of interior architectural woodwork installation.

O.B. Williams Company also partners with specialty contractors to perform installation work when appropriate.  This usually makes sense on very large projects, or projects that are located outside Washington State.  In all cases, installation work is supervised, coordinated and guaranteed by O.B. Williams Company.

O.B. Williams Company also works closely with clients who choose to install our products using their own resources.   Clients often elect to install exterior materials using their own workforce while deferring installation of interior materials to O.B. Williams Company.

No matter what scenario works best for you, O.B. Williams Company has the resources available to ensure the successful completion of your project.


“I want to give you some perspective on the abilities of O. B. Williams to provide product in different parts of the United States and our personal experiences with them as a company. We have been fortunate enough to work with O. B. Williams and have found that they’re ability to provide product either in their local State or in another state has proven to be more than effective.

The last project we worked on was in Denver Colorado. This project ran over a period of nine months. In that time frame none of the deliveries were late or delayed in any manner. I would also like to point out that this project began in the fall and ran through the winter. This is significant from the stand point that winters in Colorado can be severe and many times can cause road closers and delays in shipments. This was never a problem and neither was the fact that the product came from a much more humid climate to a much dryer climate.

We found that O. B. Williams was very proactive in their ability to forecast any problem that may arise and be proactive in addressing these types of things to provide a very smooth process. As an installation company that has been in existence for nearly 20 years, we welcome the opportunity to work with them whenever the opportunity presents its self. I would also like to add that we had minimal punch list items and from an engineering stand point we feel they are experts in their field and stand alone in this aspect. If you are fortunate enough to have an opportunity to work with them, I’m sure you will walk away from the experience with a new level of confidence with what they are capable of.”

Don Leonard (President)
Straight Line Installation Inc.

Over 130 years, we've accumulated 10,000+ moulding profiles.

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